Garrett Popcorn Celebrates 60th with Free Popcorn and More – Oct 15th

Commemorating their 60th-Anniversary, Garrett Popcorn has announced that they will reopen their Michigan Ave. shop.  The grand opening will take place on October 15th, where festivities will include:

  • 10 a.m. until noon – FREE small bags of  Garrett Popcorn’s irresistible Chicago Mix;
  • If its rains, Garrett will be handing out FREE branded ponchos for customers in line, while supplies last;
  • “Scratch and Win” cards will be given to everyone in line for a chance to win FREE one gallon tins
  • FREE 60th Anniversary commemorative T-shirts and soft drinks
  • upgrades; and for 15% and 20%  off purchases. (A number of these cards also will be available at other Garrett locations in honor of the Mag Mile opening).

More info here.

For more than 60 years, it’s the quality that has made Garrett Popcorn Shops the most sought-after popcorn in Chicago. garrett-popcornIt’s a quality to which they’ve dedicated themselves ever since they opened our front doors. Garrett Popcorn Shops has maintained their dedication to fresh, hot-air popped popcorn without fat or oils in the popping process, never deviating from their goal of creating the finest, most delicious gourmet popcorn available anywhere. We’re sure you’ll agree….

Garrett Popcorn Shops is gourmet popcorn at its finest. Our three-generation old family recipe is lovingly prepared every day to ensure the same great gourmet flavored popcorn taste that our customers have enjoyed since 1949. Every batch is made fresh daily in old-fashioned copper kettles in small batches, under watchful eyes, for the proper temperature, aroma and taste of our family recipe. CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™ are the definitive version of caramel and cheese popcorn. Only the highest quality ingredients guarantee a Chicago popcorn experience that Oprah Winfrey consistently names one of her “Favorite Things”.

Our gourmet popcorn flavors including CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™ when combined create the famous Garrett MIX. These enduring Garrett creations are a popcorn lover’s delight.

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