Free Parking at Park’s New Saturday Night 5 pm Chicago Church Service

Park Community Church in Chicago is launching a Saturday night church service at 5:00 PM at their Near North Campus with nearly 100 free parking spaces in and around the building (as we know, quite a rarity in Chicago these days!). It starts January 16 and all are invited! The Saturday night service at 5:00 pm is identical to their 9:00 am , 11:00 am and 5:30 pm services on Sunday  and include a great children’s ministry called “The Loop”.


Park Community Church has been around for just a little more than 20 years, having been founded by a group of 20-somethings and 30-somethings and its focus is more than just a place to come worship once a week. It is a church that tries to understand relevant issues in your lives. It is a place where real people come, with their real problems, and their real questions. And while coming to the church one Sunday won’t make everything perfect, you’ll find a community of people on a similar journey as yours – doing life in the city, trying to juggle work and friends and a busy social calendar, and a little bit curious about what this whole God thing is all about.


Park is a non-denominational contemporary Christian church in Chicago, with two locations in the Near North and Lincoln Park communities, but they serve a congregation that comes from all over Chicago. The contemporary Sunday services incorporate all kinds of media talent, texting Q&A, and other elements to create an comfortable environment to learn about God. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Park invites you to learn more, get connected with others, explore and grow your faith, and find support and new opportunities. We are also involved in the community through service projects like For One Chicago.  Come join us!




Park Community Church is a non-denominational, contemporary Christian church with a heart for the city of Chicago. Since its inception, Park has maintained the desire to be a vibrant church where the truth of the Gospel could be clearly and creatively communicated to the surrounding community. Park is now a multi-site church in the midst of two dynamic North Side neighborhoods resulting from their belief that God has called them to play a role with other churches in the spiritual renewal of Chicago. Our partners are other churches and organizations mobilizing to live out their vision: to be a biblical community where the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforms lives, renews the city and impacts the world.





Their vision is to be a Biblical community where the Gospel of Jesus Christ transforms lives, renews the city and impacts the world.


Near North Campus

5pm Saturdays

1001 N. Crosby | Chicago, IL (MAP)



Lincoln Park Campus

2233 North Clark

Chicago, IL (MAP)



South of the Loop Campus

Launching Early 2010


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