Free Movie Night at Delilah’s in Chicago – May 22

Come out to Delilah’s for free movie night on Sunday, May 22.  Tonight’s 6pm movie is one of the bad momma classics – Cleopatra Jones (1973) Starring : Tamara Dobson & Shelley Winters. Dir. Jack Starrett.

Cleopatra Jones, played by Tamara Dobson, appears to be a strikingly beautiful black model with an array of flamboyant outfits, able to catch the attention of any man. However, her occupation is merely a cover of her duty as a skillful government secret agent. Greatly contrasting from the average government agent, Jones is portrayed as a Bond-like heroine with power, fame, and widespread jurisdiction. Throughout the film, Jones’s is the center of awe due to not only her flashy wardrobe but also her ’73 silver and black Corvette Stingray fully equipped with automatic guns and her impressive knowledge of the martial arts. While she evokes the glory of a funk goddess, she retains loyalty for her community that is ravaged by the drug community and her lover, Reuben Masters, who runs B & S House, a halfway home for recovering drug addicts.


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  1. Are people able to see this in a theatre anywhere? thanks.

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