Blockbuster Express – Free Movie Rental Codes in Chicago Area

Your Online Source for Free Movie Rental Codes for Blockbuster Express Kiosks!! Blockbuster Express offers a number of free codes for free movie rentals and you can use these free movie rental codes at their Express rental kiosks to get a free movie rental.  You can even rent online and then drive over to pick up your free movie at the kiosk.  You can also sign up for their “What’s New” email club and get free codes emailed directly to you.

Free Rental Codes:

  • 64JBHS9 – exp 6/17
  • 33BACC6 – exp 6/17
  • 65RRAP1 – exp 6/17
  • 44ASJA5 – exp 6/17
  • 63AEMR3 – exp 6/17
  • 76MLBJ3 – exp 6/17
  • 28CMEA7 – exp 6/17

If you don’t see the new Monday code here, check the Blockbuster Express Facebook wall for an update.If your Blockbuster Express kiosk allows online ordering and pick-up, we suggest doing that bacause often codes work better online than trying to use them at the kiosks. If you want to use more than one code, you’ll need to order them separately since it only allows you to enter one code per order. You can use each one once per credit/debit card.
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