Free Tech Tip: How to Access Facebook Freebies from Your Phone

Sometime it seems like all the great Facebook-based freebies are organized to favor those accessing the site on computers rather than on smart phones, cell phones, tablet apps, etc..  Why is that?  well it is because the Facebook app on your phone and their mobile site don’t play well with Facebook tabs.  Facebook-thumbs-down-dislikeOn Facebook’s mobile site, you can’t even see the tabs and that’s where companies usually offer their free stuff.


TODAY’s CHICAGO TECH TIP —>>  You can access the full Facebook site and those great FREEBIE TABS on your mobile device!


Here’s how to access Facebook’s full site so that you can see tabs on Facebook pages, and get to their freebie offers!

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Open this whole link in your mobile device’s web browser:
  2. After entering the link in your phone’s WEB BROWSER, you’ll see the FULL Facebook site! It will look just like it does on your computer, only things to do in chicago
  3. Now, enter in a page name in the top search box (e.g., “free things to do in chicago”)
  4. When page pops up, click to go to that page and you’ll see it in the Full Facebook site, complete with TABS to click!!
  5. Click tab and view just like you would on a computer. This is handy when companies offer freebies on their Facebook tabs!

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