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Paying for your kids college education can be a daunting financial burden. Imagine for example, how much Rob and Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch would have to spend today if they were sending their brood 0802_best-buy-cover_216x288to college. Absent any financial aid, it would probably amount to $1.5 million. No surprise then with per student four year costs hovering around a quarter of a million dollars that return-on-investment or ROI is front of mind in many households.


The FORBES  Top 100 Best Buy Colleges are calculated by taking their overall quality rank on Forbes’ annual list of America’s Top Colleges and dividing that number by the school’s tuition (in-state where applicable) and additional fees. Their quality rank hones in on the quality of teaching, career prospects, graduation rates and the levels of debt graduates seem to amass.


The zero-cost service academies occupy the top three spots: West Point #1, the Air Force Academy #2, and the Naval Academy #3. In addition, there are many low cost college options for incoming college students who do not want to join the military. New York City’s Cooper Union, which grants full scholarships to all students, snags the #4 slot. Other enticing best buys in the top ten include the College of the Ozarks (#5), Berea College (#7) and the University of Florida (#10).



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