FREE rainbow cone in Chicago

Free Rainbow Ice Cream Cone for Dad on Father’s Day

Looking for a Chicago freebie for your Dad this Fathers Day (June 18)? Head to the Original Rainbow Cone, a classic South Side destination, and enjoy a rainbow cone on the house. Original Rainbow Cone has been in business for 91 years and operates out of a pink storefront that often draws a round-the-block line in Beverly.   Customers from throughout the area flock to the store for its signature combination of chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House, pistachio and orange sherbet jammed into a cone.   The ice cream is sliced into segments and layered atop the cone rather than scooped.   $2.99-$5.39 per rainbow cone; dad’s cone free with purchase.



The Beverly ice cream parlor at 9233 S. Western Ave. was founded in 1926 by Joseph and Katherine Sapp,. At the time, Chicago only went as far south as Bridgeport, but Joseph Sapp could see that Western Avenue would become a major thoroughfare. Sapp and his wife also wanted to take advantage of the many visitors to the area’s cemeteries, who would stop by for a sweet, cool treat, according to a history on the store’s website.  Original Rainbow Cone’s signature item is an ice cream cone piled high with five flavors, including chocolate, strawberry, Palmer house and pistachio ice cream, sliced into segments and topped off with orange sherbet.     Today, Original Rainbow Cone is owned and operated by the Sapps’ granddaughter, Lynn, who has expanded the business to participating in such summer events as Taste of Chicago, local neighborhood festivals and even a kiosk at Chicago’s Navy Pier.


Keep track of Original Rainbow Cone happenings on the ice cream parlor’s Facebook page.

Original Rainbow Cone, 9233 S. Western Ave.


FREE rainbow cone in Chicago

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