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FREE Coffee and Pie Festival in Chicago – May 6

Come out and enjoy Chicago’s First Free Pie and Coffee Festival which will take place at the Chop Shop, 2033 W. North Ave, on Sunday May 6, 2018.  With pie, pie-inspired goodies and freshly brewed coffee the festival and refreshments are entirely FREE and open to all ages to enjoy.  The festival is expecting between 500 and 600 guests.

Although it is free, guests must have tickets to attend the event. Tickets are available by CLICKING HERE on the Awake and Bake Festival Eventbrite page.   The festival plans to host 11 vendors as of press time. Vendors include Abacus Coffee, Colectivo Coffee, The Fix Pies, Imani’s Original Bean Pies and Elmhurst Dairy, a vegan beverage company, according to Alex Shebar, Founder.   XO Marshmallow, 6977 N. Sheridan Road, a gourmet marshmallow confectioner, will be one of the few vendors doing a variation on a traditional pie.


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Alex Shebar, Founder, said he was inspired by different roasters and unique coffee shops popping up across the city. When planning the event, Shebar said he could not think of a better complement to coffee than pie.   “Coffee and pie seemed like a winning response, and every time I have mentioned coffee and pie to people, their eyes light up,” Shebar said. “That is the response I want from the amazing festival.” 

Linda Lerner and her daughter Abby Lerner decided to re-open Linda’s Magic Brownies, 3109 N. Broadway, in November 2015 after closing in the late 1980s. Linda Lerner created a fudge brownie recipe at a Lincoln Park Garage Sale in 1980 and has been selling her treats online for local pick up.   She said she only uses locally sourced ingredients for her brownies, including chocolate from Blommer Chocolate Company. Linda and Abby Lerner will spread their brownie magic to the festival, Abby Lerner said.   “We are not coffee or pie, but brownies go great with coffee and we like getting in front of these millennial crowds of people who are really into the food scene,” Abby Lerner said. 


FREE coffee-and-pie


When: Sunday, May 6th, 12 to 3pm
Where: Chop Shop, 2033 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Price: FREE –with free pairings of free delicious free coffee and pie. Did we mention it’s free? However, you MUST RSVP RIGHT HERE (again for free) or you will not be let in.


Abacus Coffee
Big Shoulders Coffee
Bridgeport Coffee
Colectivo Coffee
Metropolis Coffee Company

Bakers Square
The Fix Pies
Imani’s Original Bean Pies
Linda’s Magic Brownies
Roeser’s Bakery
XO Marshmallow

Other Drinks
Essentia Water
Sparkling Ice

Friday Pilots Club
Zap Props



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