haunted houses in chicago the catacombs

Halloween Haunted Houses in Chicago

The weather forecast for Chicago is giving us some crisp weather, and that means it is time to grab somefriends, and head out for your annual trip to your local haunted house! Dozens of Chicagoland attractions are open  and just waiting to help you scare up a good time and get in the Halloween Spirit, so where do you want to SCREAM tonight?  They are not all free, but they are oh so fun!


The Catacombs – Chicago, IL – Portage Park

For over thirty years, there has been a place that has harbored the undead and jailed the damned – a place that was never intended on being unearthed by mortal men. Since 1981, The Catacombs of Saint Pascal have been a barrier to the ghouls and ghosts, monsters and madmen; a barrier that prevented these very creatures from entering our realm. Otherwise safeguarded by the church, there comes a time every year where that barrier must fall, a time where the undesirables can roam free. The Catacombs offer a classic haunted house that has delighted and terrified attendees for many years. Check out $5 admission day on October 25th and the Car Show & No Scare Family Fun Fest October 13th.   You are free to enter if you wish, but exiting…that we cannot guarantee.   6143 W Irving Park Rd Fridays & Saturdays, 7pm-11pm; Thursdays & Sundays, 7pm-10pm  —  Get more info HERE — Through 10/28

haunted houses in chicago the catacombs
Source: the Catacombs Facebook page

Scream Scene – Skokie, IL

At this time of year, the abandoned for the season Skokie Water Playground becomes host to the most frightening experience in Skokie. With it’s chainsaw maniacs and insane clown maze, Scream Scene has been terrifying visitors since 1997.  Parental discretion advised: Not recommended for children under 10 years old!   Think you have what it takes to make it out in one piece? If you don’t, maybe the special “Lights On” edition is right up your alley.  Through 10/28, Special “Lights On” Edition 10/20 & 10/27

Fosco Park — Chicago, IL – Little Village

Haunted House at Fosco  Fun for the Kids!  Halloween events will feature a full maze created haunted house in one of the clubrooms. Including pumpkin decorating, arts & crafts, and prepared candy bags. Only on 10/31 from 5 – 9 p.m.

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