Free Pickup When You Donate Your Car

Have you ever thought about donating your car to charity and wondered it it was a hassle-free process?  Those folks who want to donate a car and that have a car, truck, or other vehicle sitting around, are finding out that the process is free and easy — just about all charities include free pickup and disposition and your car donation to a charity is a great way to support a charity without spending a single dime.

Donate Cars To Support Worthy Causes

Yes, it really is possible to be a charitable donor without stressing your household budget. Through your auto donation to a worthy charity, you can donate a vehicle of any sort (donate cars, donate auto, donate trucks, donate RV, donate boat…any type of vehicle can be donated to an IL charity and turned into needed cash or transportation).

Maybe you’re in Chicago or Aurora, or maybe you’re out in Rockford or Naperville; maybe you’re in a quiet, little-known small-town in the Illinois countryside. Most car donation charities can get to all of these places to accept your gift of a vehicle donation. And for IL residents everywhere, the benefits of car donation are the same. Those of you out in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, and Naperville, and those of you out in the country, can enjoy all of these benefits just by donating an unwanted vehicle to charity.

Illinois car donations benefit consumers by

• Helping them manage the sometimes cumbersome task of getting rid of a vehicle that is no longer useful
• Providing tax benefits—the federal government allows a Fair Market Value Tax Deduction for qualifying car donations in IL
• Providing a fast and easy [free!] process for charitable IL car donations that requires little effort on the part of the donor
• Providing a way to be rid of an unused vehicle in just days
• Supporting their needy friends and neighbors and deserving community groups, making the world close by a better place to live
• Supporting veterans, medical groups, and others nationwide, making the larger world a better place to live
• Giving IL car donors the satisfaction of helping those less fortunate
• Rewarding IL car donors with free vacation vouchers—a nice trip away for a simple online car donation!

Here’s How You Can Help

If you’re convinced that car donation or vehicle donation is a good idea, but concerned that it might be difficult or time consuming to donate to a charity, we want you to know that donating your car to us is none of these things; donating a car takes just minutes. For the gift of a few minutes of your time and your unwanted vehicle, a car donation charity will see to the rest, and return all the rewards they can to you, their valuable and much appreciated charitable supporter.

One such organizationis the Willow Creek Community Church C.A.R.S Ministry .  This is a self-supporting ministry, meaning they do not use money from the church budget in order to function. They rely solely on the generosity of our donors for ministry operations.

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