Party at St. Mike’s

For the 25th consecutive year, Party at St. Mikes will shift Chicago’s summer festival season into high gear with three nights of heart-pounding live entertainment, June 12 through 14 outside of St. Michaels church in Old Town. This year the fest features Chicago uber-group, Freddy Jones Band, in addition to many other live music talents and activities.

The “Party at St. Mike’s,” St. Michael in Old Town’s annual summer festival, allows thousands of people from all over the city to join with parishioners for an outdoor party. The event, which coincides with the annual Old Town Art Fair, takes place over the course of the weekend and gathers people together to enjoy food, drink, and music.

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Over the years since St. Michael’s began hosting an annual Summer Festival, the event has been successful because of its community of volunteers who work hard to make it a fun and hospitable event for many. The Party at St. Mike’s provides an opportunity for people to make new friends and share in the fun with old ones all while helping to raise significant funding for St. Michael in Old Town Parish.

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