Get Free Coffee/Treats on “Winter Bike to Work” Day in Chicago – Jan 20

The Active Transportation Alliance is holding its annual Winter Bike to Work Day Wednesday, January 20, 2010.    Winter Bike to Work Day in Chicago celebrates the coldest day in Chicago history — Jan. 20, 1985, when the official temperature at O’Hare International Airport was 27 degrees below zero with 36 mph wind gusts, producing wind chills as low as 93 degrees below zero…. It is also the opportunity to trade your four wheels for two, and cutting out a bunch of CO2 emissions in the process. A car with a solo driver releases over a pound of CO2 per mile. An SUV releases over 1.6 pounds. A bike releases zero—and with the recent increase in carbon emissions, that’s what our country needs right now.So grab your bike and head over to the Active Transportation Alliance offices at 9 W. Hubbard Street (NOTE: NEW LOCATION) any time from 6:30 to 9 a.m. for some free Caribou Coffee and a free sweet treat before pedaling off to the office. They’ll have their tent set up and will be ready to greet you!

Most major cities across the country host a bike to work day in May, National Bike Month (google “your city + bike to work day” for more information). San Francisco is gearing up, if you will, for a May 14th ride, and Washington DC’s should be around the same time. But Chicago, Ft. Collins and Boulder up the ante with their winter date. And since Chicago’s been loaded with snow, it may call for some snow tires.

Contact: Ethan Spotts

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