Free Refrigerator Art in Downtown Chicago – to Sept 15

Come out and see some creative, wacky art in Chicago using refrigerators as the medium!  Decorated refrigerators are currently on display along Michigan Avenue, between Chicago and Illinois. The Fine Art Fridges exhibit is sponsored by ComEd to spread the word about their Appliance Recycling Program. The exhibit remains will remain on display through September 15.


Pedestrians along Michigan Avenue have been surprised when they encounter a new art exhibit sponsored by ComEd:  Fine Art Fridges. The display, which runs through September 15, features recycled refrigerators that have been transformed into works of art.   Fine Art Fridges depicts themes ranging from Chicago architecture to a celebration of flowers. In one of the pieces, artist VooDoo Larry Grobe has transformed a vintage 1950s Philco fridge into a jazzy “VooDoo Hot Rod.” In another, Nicole Beck celebrates wildlife in a mosaic tribute to endangered life in the Gulf of Mexico.  Nine pieces designed by Chicago-area artists are displayed on the sidewalk along the Magnificent Mile between Chicago Avenue and Illinois Street.  The exhibit was created to raise awareness for ComEd’s Appliance Recycling Program, through which ComEd will haul away your old, second working refrigerator or freezer free of charge. In return, customers receive $25.00 per appliance. To date, the program has removed more than 43,000 inefficient appliances from the market.

The specific Michigan Avenue exhibit locations are:

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