Donate $1 to Chicago Food Depository – Get a Free Burrito – Sep 29

Burrito Beach is running their second annual Tattoo Day on Wednesday, September 29. Benefitting the Greater Chicago Food Depository, for one day only, donate a dollar to the Chicago Food Depository, get a free burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and beach bowls.  That means all burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and beach bowls can be enjoyed for a $1 donation to the G.C.F.D.

What’s the catch? Show your ink! That is, show us your Burrito Beach temporary tattoo, applied anywhere on your body (keep it family friendly please!), throw a buck in the jar, and chow down (one entrée per tattoo please). Last year we raised over $1100, and we hope to raise much more this year – so join us on 9/29. Tattoos are being passed out this week at all Burrito Beach locations.

Six Locations

200 East Ohio

19 S. Lasalle

233 N. Michigan Ave.

Union Station
210 S. Canal

500 W. Madison

O’Hare Airport Terminal 3
773- 462-0190

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