Please Help Chicago’s Own Amy Freeze Get to the North Pole!

Free Things Nation – We Need You! Many of you have heard that Amy Freeze will not be returning to WFLD (FOX Chicago) after Feb. 20th and many want to thank her for four years of accurate weather service by helping her win a contest to  get to the North Pole.   We met Amy as she helped Diego Gutierrez of the Chicago Fire with some philanthropic activities on and we think the world of her.  We hear that Amy is entered in a contest right to blog her way to the North Pole and right now she is in the top 10, with 1,529 votes  Can we all unify around Chicago and help move her into the top five by clicking here?

Let’s show her that Chicago takes care of its own. After the week we just had and all her efforts to stay out in front of the Blizzaster 2011, it feels right for someone from Chicago to win this.  Voting closes Tuesday, February 15, 2011, at noon Eastern Time; then a winner will be selected from the top 5 entrants.  Late last month, Amy posted the following:  “Fox is releasing me from my contract on Feb. 20th. It is very disappointing news for me and my family. Thank you for the kind words and support” to her Facebook and Twitter account.


Here is what her BLOG YOUR WAY TO THE NORTH POLE page says:

My name is Amy Freeze. Thanks for considering me for your vote!    It’s my real last name. I was born with it. My father is Mr. Freeze. I have nieces and nephews, they call me “Anti-Freeze.” The list of jokes and nicknames is endless. Tasty Freeze. Freezer. The Freezinator. Frostbite. You might even have one to add to the list. Bottom line, I’ve always been a “Freeze.” But it’s not just the name. Fate also steered my professional life to follow Freezing weather. I’m a meteorologist. Yes. A weather lady with the last name Freeze. So, it takes little imagination to see why traveling to a place that’s almost always frozen seems downright dreamy to me.  Beyond the Freezing temperatures of 90 North, it’s the Arctic Ocean itself I cannot wait to meet. As a meteorologist, I’ve gained an appreciation for the oceans of the world and how they influence all weather on Earth. I’ve tracked storms coming off the Pacific as they land from Portland, OR to San Diego, CA. Atlantic tropical storm season has repeatedly landed me on the East Coast to clock 90 mph winds as hurricanes make landfall. And I’ve stood on the southern tip of Africa looking over the open seas to photograph where the warmth of the Indian Ocean converges on the chilly waters of the Atlantic.  Now, an opportunity to see the Arctic would allow me to share how this part of the world influences weather patterns. If chosen, I would use social networks to post research, writing, video, and pictures. I have FB pages, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and a web page.

Please send AMY FREEZE to the Top of the World.

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  1. she’s only up to 1674

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