Great Bonus for AT&T Cell Phone Users: 1,000 FREE Rollover Minutes

Are you always running out on minutes?  Well now, here’s a Freebie that all AT&T Mobile Phone users will be excited about!  AT&T looks like they wanted to say thank you to iPhone users with 1000 bonus minutes, but now  AT&T are offering ALL customers 1,000 free rollover minutes, and there appears to be no catch or strings attached to the offer.  This act of pure and selfless generosity likely has nothing whatsoever to do with the recent launch of the Verizon iPhone, and is all to do with the carrier deciding they just need to show their love more often.  Right now, just text the word YES to the number 11113020 to receive 1,000 FREE AT&T Wireless Rollover Minutes. This is supposed to be for iPhones but also works for any AT&T mobile phone. This is available to the U.S. for a limited time.

AT&T also announced that it will offer free mobile-to-mobile calls to its customers, regardless of what network they’re calling. In a deal similar to one already offered to Sprint customers, callers on AT&T’s network will not be charged for calls made between cellular phones in the U.S. The offer is available to any customer with an unlimited messaging plan and a qualifying voice plan. AT&T unlimited message plans cost $20 per month. “Existing customers with an unlimited messaging plan can activate Mobile to Any Mobile by visiting, ” the company said in a press release.
Gee, could the company be responding to a certain product launch by Verizon iPhone today?

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