A Free, Fun Adult Spelling Bee in Chicago – Beers Available – April 6

Come out for a great, wild and wacky free adult spelling bee in Chicago at the Rocking Horse in Logan Square on April 6  brought to you by the Louisville, Kentucky-based Idea Festival. The Spleling Be replaces those bad memories with beer, brains and unsteady and drawn out attempts at bachysyllabic. You compete against adults, and a couple of twists will make sure the events help you reach the word spelling potential Frau Henkelmeier so helpfully scared out of you in elementary school.  One, teams can put their heads together on the tough words. Like that will help. Triskaidekaphobia? Seriously?  Two, beer is available.
Participants compete for a bounty of prizes, including All-Access Passes to the hive mind at the IdeaFestival Sept. 21 – 24, gift certificates and a hand-made wooden trophies.

Here are the basics:free-chicago-spelling-bee

1. Sign-ups start at 7:30
2. Spelling starts at 8:30
3. You can compete in teams of up to three people
4. Wearing a bee suit (homemade is cheap and fun) will earn you one round of immunity, meaning you can misspell one word and stay in the competition.
5. The prize is an all-access pass to the Idea Festival (www.ideafestival.com) an amazing event (like TED TALKS) held in Louisville, KY in September. Trust us, ..it’s worth the travel.
6. We are holding a drawing for a free pass, so even if you don’t want to compete, you can enter to win a prize.

Dust off your dictionaries, and come make fools of yourselves in Logan Square over some delicious beer.

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Wednesday, April 6th – Chicago at the Rocking Horse (in Logan Square) Rest up, study up and join us! Heckling is encouraged. Sesquipedalianism will be forgiven.


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  1. “The Spelling Bee” is misspelled within the description (“The Spleling Be…”) – Ha!

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