Free Chicago Architecture Debate: Keep Old Buildings or Rebuild? – June 14

Come out Chicago on June 14 and engage in a FREE debate with  passionate dialogue regarding the worth – and fate – of buildings designed by master modernist architects.  Walter Gropius’ Michael Reese Hospital being torn down for the potential Olympic Village.  Mies van der Rohe’s Test Cell being torn down for a Metra Station.  Bertrand Goldberg’s Prentice Women’s Hospital torn down for a new research facility?

Join us for Chicago Architecture Foundation’s  upcoming debate:

Tuesday, June 14th at 6pm

Dick’s Last Resort,
315 N. Dearborn, Chicago

FREE, but registration is required (CLICK BOTTOM TO REGISTER)

Some say these buildings are worth saving and showcase our cultural heritage for generations to come.  Reuse it!
Others say these buildings are ugly, outdated, and insignificant.  Lose it!

In a city defined by its architecture, it is said that even taxi drivers know the difference between a Bertrand Goldberg and a Mies van der Rohe.  Many people however find it difficult to warm up to the aesthetics of a modernist buildings, with their materials of concrete, glass and steel, their form, and their seeming lack of applied ornamentation.  Did we ever care about these buildings before preservationists brought them to our attention?  In the name of progress, what does a property owner do when a building outlives its original purpose?

We’ll debate on……
•    Economic development vs. historic preservation
•    Are modernist structures significant enough to save?
•    Why is there a lack of aesthetic appreciation concerning modernist architecture?
•    When do you keep a building?  When do tear it down?  When do you compromise?
•    Is landmarking a legal thing?
•    When does the value to the property owner outweigh the value to society’s cultural heritage?

Are these the “Louis Sullivan’s” of our generation?  Will we regret tearing these down?  Or will we be stuck with buildings that can no longer serve a function?  This is a timeless topic and one that will be asked for generations to come.

Chicago Debates are lively, passionate, no-holds-barred, real, thoughtful, solution-oriented conversations with audience participation. We’ll take your questions during the event, and you can also follow on Twitter #ChicagoDebates. The voting – and commenting – continues on this web site before and after the debate.  It’s your forum.
If you care about our city, be a part of the debate. If you care about the quality of life here, be a part of the debate.  Chicago Debates.


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