Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Tour – Not Free But Worth It!

We love Chicago pizza around here and here is a great way to experience the best Chicago has to offer.   It is not free but well worth it!  If you are visiting Chicago or just a local, experience the new Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Tour!  (click at bottom for more info)  Chicago is the birthplace of contemporary deep dish pizza and visitors to Chicago love it!. Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours will give you a taste of deep-dish pizza at Chicago’s most historic pizzerias as you learn about their legendary history.  This kid-friendly tour is offered every Thursday-Sunday at 11:30am & 4:30pm.

Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours is Chicago’s original deep-dish pizza walking tour. Taste samples of Chica go’s best deep-dish pizzas and learn deep-dish pizza history.

What is your favorite pie, crust, cheese and sauce? You decide!  chicago deep dish pizza

On this Chicago deep-dish pizza tour you will:

(1) Sample three of the best Chicago style deep-dish pizzas without long lines or waiting times–pizza is hot and ready!

(2) Learn about Chicago pizza history and its legendary creators.

(3) Enjoy the sites and sounds of downtown Chicago while burning off the calories that you consume!  Locals and tourists will also learn more about Chicago history, nightlife and restaurants.

A unique aspect of this Chicago food tour is that you will be able to compare several different Chicago style deep-dish pizzas within about two hours.  Compare the pizza crusts, cheese and sauce, all while learning the history of the restaurants, their owners and the pizza ingredient suppliers.  While others may wait up to 2 hours for their pizza, you will learn, eat and enjoy the pizza tour in the same amount of time.


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