Free Legal Advice for Artists in Chicago

Lawyers for the Creative Arts provides free legal service to all areas of the arts— the visual, performing, entertainment, literary, arts education and more. We help individuals as well as for-profit and not-for-profit organizations with business issues, contracts, copyrights, trademarks and many other legal areas. Legal advice is a necessity for all businesses, including the arts business. The problem is that most artists cannot afford market rate legal services. That’s where LCA comes in. LCA is the only pro bono legal service organization in Illinois, specialized, and expert in, all areas of the arts. Click on Legal Services for more detailed information and to apply for help. The dedicated members of our Board of Directors and our several hundred volunteer attorneys are the soul of LCA. With their assistance, artists of all kinds are free to do what it is they do – bring color, texture and wondrous sights and sounds to all of our lives. We constantly hear from our clients praising our staff and volunteer attorneys. They have made it possible for the artists to concentrate on creating and delving deep into their hearts to produce the most provocative, most beautiful, most audacious art they can find within themselves, because someone else has taken care of their legal concerns.


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