Free Chicago SummerDance Festival Offers Free Dance Lessons – July 7- Sept 18

The always fun, free Chicago SummerDance, now in its 15th year, combines a dance form, professional instruction and a live band. Each Thursday through Sunday from July 7 to September 18, the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park blossoms into an urban dance space.  Each night of the 11-week series offers an introductory one-hour FREEdance lesson by professional instructors followed by two hours of live music and dancing on the expanded 4,900 square-foot, open-air dance floor Chicago Ground Cover designed by artist Dan Peterman out of 100% recycled materials.  And once the free lessons end, the fun begins. The season kicks off Thursday, June 30 with dance lessons by Bollywood Groove set to music by Chicago’s multiculti Funkadesi. 6-9:30 p.m. Thursday (through Sept. 18), Spirit of Music Garden, 601 S. Michigan Ave.; free;


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