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The Fair Housing Legal Clinic at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago has been helping Chicagoans expand their housing options the past 25 years. The clinic provides free free-legal advice chicagorepresentation to those who may not have access to an attorney, or refers individuals to outside attorneys. Its free legal services also help train future lawyers.  The clinic is staffed by Bethel and Clinical Professor Damian Ortiz Adjunct Clinical Professor Lewis Powell III; Testing Coordinator and Director of Investigations Mary Jo Noriega, and Clinical Attorney Fellows Yevgenia Baranov and Grace Okorie.

The clinic allows law school students to gain real-world experience by representing clients who have been denied housing because of their age, race, nationality, sex, familial status, disability, sexual orientation or income. Students, who are supervised by the clinic staff, get the experience but also are given the opportunity to participate in federal court litigation and sometimes state and administrative proceedings. Students help draft pleadings, prepare motions and hearings for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, conduct discovery, and assist in trials, hearings and possible appeals.
Persons in the Chicago metropolitan area who are in need of legal assistance because of a discriminatory housing practice can contact the Clinic by phone (312) 786-2267 or by email

The John Marshall
Law School
315 S. Plymouth Court
Chicago, IL 60604
312.427.2737 ph


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  1. I am SO glad to hear of this! I have a legal question or 2 but not the $100 to pay for them. Yea for John Marshall!!

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