Free Alaska Travel Guide

The Great Land of Alaska is full of wonders. But it would take a lifetime to explore them all! So to help you get started, get the FREE travel guide with page after page of FREE* official Alaska travel information — chosen just for you! Don’t wait another year — or even another minute. Take a first step toward Alaska right now!   Alaska is a place like no other:  They have more mountains, glaciers and wildlife than just about anywhere else in the world—in fact, more than 400,000 travelers journey to Denali National Park and Preserve each year, primarily between late May and early September.  Most come in search of wildlife or glimpses of 20,320′ tall Mt. McKinley, the roof of North America. All are encouraged to take one of the many bus rides along the Park Road, the sole vehicle access into the heart of the park. Whether you seek wildlife, scenery, or solitude and communion with this wild land, this is a great travel guide for you !Even if you are not going there this year, why not learn more about this wonderful state?

Travel Alaska – Get the Hottest Book from the Coolest State!


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