Free Legal Services in Chicago

Are you in need of an attorney or lawyer to help you on a legal matter in the Chicago area?  There are almost forty programs in the Chicago area which offer free legal services and legal advice services if you qualify based on your legal services in chicago The areas in which they can help you include landlord/tenant, divorce, employment, government benefits, and debt. To see a listing of all these program’s locations and areas of service, call (312) 554-2031 and ask for a copy of “Where to go for Legal Assistance in Chicago.”

Some of the larger FREE legal service providers are as follows:

  • The Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago handles all matters except class actions, criminal, environmental, real estate, probate and tax. Their general intake number is (312) 341-1070.
  • Chicago Volunteer Legal Services has many neighborhood offices, and handles all matters except criminal, civil rights and environmental. They can be reached at (312) 332-1624.
  • Chicago Legal Clinic has offices in Pilsen, Roseland, Austin and South. Their number is (773) 731-1762. They handle all issues except civil rights, immigration and tax. They can help you even if you do not qualify for free services by giving you services based on the amount you can pay.
  • The Legal Aid Bureau handles only family law matters. Their number is (312) 986-4200.
  • For residents of suburban Cook County, assistance is available through Cook County Legal Assistance at (847) 475-3703.

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  1. Don’t forget Coordinated Advise and Referral Program for Legal Services.

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