Chicago Tax Return Day Freebie # 4: Buy Burger at McDonalds, Get Another for Penny!

This Tax Day freebie is free mcdonalds food in chicagosure to take the sting out of writing that check…..Participating McDonald’s locations are offering up a great deal on Tax Day, April 17th 2012! Buy a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder at menu price and snag another one for a friend for only a penny! Make sure to call ahead to see if they are participating…..


Thanks to Free Steaks in Dallas and Free Disney Tickets in Orlando for this excellent tax day freebie

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  1. WHICH McDonald’s is participating in the Tax Day promo?? I must have called at least 10 different locations and NONE of them were in it. I kinda’ get the feeling this is a big rip-off……………..

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