Free Dance Lessons in Chicago’s Millennium Park – Aug 16

Get ready for a good weekend with some free dance lessons free dance lesson columbiain Millennium Park! On Thursday night, August 16, you can enjoy some free dance lessons from Tierra Colombiana Folkloric Dance Ensemble and live music by Grupo Cumbé (click at bottom to learn more). This new group, Grupo Cumbé,  fuses traditional afro Colombian percussion, with elements of big band style Cumbia and jazz made famous by artists like Lucho Bermudez and the Discos Fuentes record label catalog. Incorporated are call & response vocals, raw traditional percussion courtesy of the Alegre, Tambora, Llamador & Maraca, bottom heavy electric bass lines, Gaita flutes, latin piano and jazz trumpet.

The group consists of the founding members of the Chicago Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble and Ngoma Alegre, the Midwest’s only Afro Colombian percussion ensemble. Victor Garcia on Trumpet, Darwin Noguera on Piano, Josh Ramos on Bass, Leo Suarez on afro Colombian percussion/Gaita Flutes, Natalie Oliveri on vocals and minor percussion, and Jose Natal on Colombian percussion and congas.

Thursday Night – August 16 at 6:00 pm
601 S. Michigan Ave.


CLICK HERE to learn more

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