Free 2012 Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas in Chicago

CostumeExpress.comWhat should you dress up as this year at Halloween?   Halloween is still more than a month away, but adults and parents are already planning out costumes for this year.  We have done the research to help you with your costume inspiration.  Every year there seems to be a new influx of creative, original and throwback costume designs for Halloween and it and comes right around the time where the sun starts setting early and the leaves are just in the middle of changing.


According to the National Retail Federation, traditional costumes for kids are winning out this year, just like many years in the past.  Princess, witch, and superhero are the top choices.  But zombies, pirates, and vampires are also climbing the list thanks to movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Zombieland (and Zombie videogames), and the multitude of vampire TV shows and movies.


But adult costume trends reflect the events of the last year and TV and movie personalities, as reflected by Flo from the Progressive Commercials, the Avengers, Batman, Catwoman and the two Presidential candidates.



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Here is the top ten list for costumes for Halloween in 2012:


10. Flo from Progressive – Maybe Progressive caught on to something a little bit here. Their spokesperson, Flo, is a costume that shouts originality and irony. It’s also very easy to make on your own.

9. 2012 Presidential Nominees – Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have shot to the forefront of the news and with the election taking place one week after Halloween, expect to see some people’s affirmation or scrutiny of these political pundits.

8. Nicki Minaj – The rap/pop queen has donned a million and a half different outfits and wigs. She has more top hits than Lady Gaga this year, and her unique style will bring a flare to a lot of Halloween neighborhoods.

7. Olympic athletes – Sport stars are always at the top of the list when it comes to Halloween outfits, this year with the added presence of the Olympics in London, we’ll be seeing a few more gold medals hunting for treats.

6. Tim Tebow – Well, basically because he’s on every list ever. The Jets rockstar back up quarterback has moved to the biggest media market in the world, that won’t go unnoticed by anyone and the legion that is the followers of Tim Tebow will have their say about the GQ cover model also.

5. Will and Kate Royal Costumes- They’ve fallen down the list this year, but the British Royal couple will still be seen this fall. They are young, hip, stylish, and easy to come up with. Plus it always makes a good couples outfit.  Should you play the rumors and go as a pregnant Kate?

4. Cast of Glee – The hit show keeps on rolling as the outfits and themes remain simple and stylish and culturally relevant for the fourth straight year.

3. Catwoman – With the success of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” film and the sheer screen presence and acclimation for Selina Kyle actress, Anne Hathaway, this sexy feline outfit is being revived this Halloween.

2. The Avengers and Batman – With two of the biggest movies of this summer providing outfit ideas for kids and adults alike, expect to see many little super heroes running around trying to save their own world from lack of candy and fun.

1. Steve Jobs – A little morbid, but isn’t that what Halloween is all about? In 2006 I saw more Steve Irwin costumes then I could have hoped to imagine. With Jobs recent passing and his affinity for a black turtle neck, blue jeans and glasses, plus his culturally relevant persona and almost cult/worldwide following, I think this costume will be at the top of most people’s charts.
Angry Birds didn’t make the Top Ten, but it’s still predicted to be a popular choice making the rounds for green pigs with helmets….and candy.


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Of course, costumes won’t just be limited to these choices alone.  Here are other costumes you’ll probably see this year…….

Angry Birds – Seriously, what’s cooler than cute little birds with a temper careening into ugly green pigs?  I can’t think of anything.

Mark Zuckerberg – With a big sad face or a down arrow signifying the stock price drop.

Lady Gaga – Lots of ideas to choose from here.  Of course, you may want to shave your head or start buying your meat strips now….


Here are the annual Top 10 Costumes for Kids
1. Princess
2. Witch
3. Spiderman
4. Pirate
5. Pumpkin
6. Fairy
7. Action/superhero
8. Vampire (tie)
8. Batman (tie)
9. Zombie (tie)
9. Disney Princess (tie)
10. Star Wars characters


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