Free Full Moon Dance Party in Chicago on Sept 30

Why not check out the free Full Moon Jam in Chicago on Sunday, September 30 2012, an evening of music and fire dancing held under the full moon in the fields south of Foster Beachin Lincoln Park. The Full Moon Jam unites performing artists and spectators through a love and appreciation of fire art. Encompassing myriad performance styles and tools, fire dancers from the greater Chicago area and Great Lakes share their creative gifts by the shore of Lake Michigan,

Awesome Photo by Lisa Stefaniak – CLICK TO ENLARGE

set to the percussive beats of local musicians, in this unique and free  monthly event taking place through Spring and into Fall.


The jams are monthly celebrations, bringing together a diverse community of performers, musicians and spectators. Dozens of fire spinners perform to music provided by local percussionists, using performance tools such as poi (a set of chains with weighted ends), staff, hula hoops and fans. It’s a display that is part artistry and part athleticism, inspired by a long tradition of fire performance with roots in South Pacific cultures. Fire spinners include everyone from amateur hobbyists to professional performance artists and Chicago jam performers usually come from the city, greater Chicagoland area and neighboring Great Lakes regions.


They do recommend that you come a bit early to secure your space. Bring a blanket, some water and make yourself comfy with your friends. All jams are family-friendly events, but we request that all pets be leashed and please leave alcohol at home. This is a Leave No Trace event. Please take all that you brought with you back home. This means your garbage too. Respect the event, respect the park.


The jam takes place ¼ mile south of the Foster Ave Turf Fields on the lakefront. The jam is NOT! at Foster Ave Beach. it is south of the beach, on the east side of the lakefront trail, in the big field. Approximate address: 5100N & Lake Shore Drive 60640


CLICK HERE to get info on the monthly schedule and more


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