How to Get a College Degree for FREE

Have you ever asked “How do I get a College Degree for FREE?” Well now, some can….. UniversityNow has gained a following for its approach to solving the college tuition program: a competency-based education platform that offers low-cost degrees through two accredited online schools–New Charter University and Patten University. The schools are cheap compared to traditional universities–New Charter is $199 per month for unlimited classes (including e-textbooks). But UniversityNow is going a step further, making it possible for a significant portion of the working adult population to get a degree from Charter or Patten for college
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The California startup announced this week that it’s teaming up with the mayors of San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento, California, for the College Works Initiative, which caps the cost of attending UniversityNow’s schools at whatever students receive in tuition reimbursement from their employers. That means several hundred thousand workers in the three cities–anyone who gets tuition reimbursement–can now obtain a college degree at no cost.


UniversityNow plans on rolling out the College Works Initiative to the rest of the country soon.


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