Free Tuesday Travel Tip: What to Do with an iPad or Tablet at Airport TSA Security

As a family with a new iPad mini used mostly by the kids, I wanted my kids to know the rules on how iPad minis are handled at the airports as we are headed out late next week for Copenhagen, Brussels and London. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has several written policies regarding laptops and tablets. As it stands now, if you have a traditional laptop or Ultrabook,TSA-logo it has to be removed unless you have a TSA compliant laptop bag.


However, if you have a tablet or iPad, you do not have to remove it from your bag. If you have both, a laptop and an iPad, you will still have to remove the laptop unless again it is in a TSA Compliant Checkpoint Friendly laptop bag.


Here is a blog post from the TSA which outlines the topic of separating iPad and tablets versus laptops, and ……



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