Free Info on Five New Chicago Based TV Shows

A total of five TV series slated for next season, all one hour dramas,  will shoot in Chicago, according to Betsy Steinberg, who heads up the Illinois Film Office.  That is a record high for the city. NBC, which renewed “Chicago Fire” for a second season, has also picked up the show’s police-themed spin-off, “Chicago PD.”  Co-creator Derek Haas (working with partner Michael Brandt and producer Dick Wolf) told the Tribune that the show will have more in common with “Hill Street Blues” than the typical high-concept crime procedurals that have become predominant on network TV.


Additionally, NBC gave the go-ahead to “Crisis,” which will shoot in Chicago–an unexpected turn of events since the pilot was shot in LA.  Dermot Mulroney and Gillian Anderson star in the political thriller.   ABC has also picked up two of the three pilots that shot in Chicago this spring.  “Betrayal” stars James Cromwell opposite Hannah Ware (last seen as Kelsey Grammer’s troubled daughter on “Boss”).  Ware plays an unhappily married woman who begins an affair with a lawyer who happens to be squaring off against her husband in court.    And Steve Zahn and Christian Slater will play brothers–one bipolar, the other a con artist–on “Mind Games” (formerly known as “Influence”).  The pair run an agency and use human psychology to solve their clients’ problems.


Illinois is home to a large number of production services and equipment vendors supplying the film and entertainment production industry, as well as thousands of highly qualified crew members, technicians and support personnel.

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