Get the New Daft Punk Album for FREE

Award winning electronic music duo Daft Punk has given iTunes a full length stream of the group’s 74-minute “Random Access Memories” album for streaming earlier this week.9-to-5 Mac has discovered that Apple is making it easier than ever to grab a high quality version of the stream right from its website.By using a tool to monitor HTTP requests (like HTTP Scoop), users can easily find the URL where the stream is hosted and save the full, high quality MP4 to their computer. By simply navigating to the URL where the stream is hosted, you can download the whole album for free. The same hole exists for an album from The National that is currently being streamed.

The whole album is available as an easy download and while it does come with Apple’s FairPlay DRM to prevent it being played on other devices, we imagine (hope!) this gets pulled fairly quickly.

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