FREE Chicago Social Media Boot Camp in August

The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) will host a FREE Social Media Boot Camp throughout the month of August designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners maximize social media strategies. The sessions will take place every Friday in August at 9:30am in business workshops at City Hall’s Room 805.  Brandon Lewin, of Image Perspective, will present “Twitter for the Technology Challenged” on Aug. 2; Laura Sanchez, of SWATware LLC, will present “How to Use LinkedIn Effectively to Grow Your Business” social media bootcampon Aug. 9; Jesse Caballero, of Habanero Communications, will present “Facebook and Business Do Mix” on Aug. 16, and Mark Goodman, of e-Conversation Solutions, will present “Increase Your Sales by Using YouTube” on Aug. 30.


“Social media empowers small businesses and their owners for opportunities that used to cost an arm and sometimes two legs,” said Brandon Lewin, Vice President of Business Development at Image Perspective, who is slated to present the Twitter for the Technology Challenged workshop. “The field of competition is leveled now. It is no longer about who has the biggest budget. It is about who is the most creative and brings the most value to customers. A small business can do that with ease.”


Apart from the Boot Camp, several workshops will be presented on Wednesday afternoons. The workshops are “Talk to City Inspectors, Ask Questions, Get Answers,” “JOC Information Session” (presented By Dwayne Pierre-Antoine, The Gordian Group), “How to Obtain a Mobile Food Dispenser/ Preparer License” (presented by the City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection), “Your Business Website for Smartphone Users: Optimize it or Create a Business App?” (presented by Michael Johnson, NewMediaThree.Com) and “How to Become Certified/ Doing Business with the City of Chicago” (presented by the City of Chicago Department of Procurement Services).


BACP offers free workshops every Wednesday and Friday in Room 805 at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., Chicago. The workshops are free and open to the public, and conducted by city officials, BACP’s partner organizations and experts in the industry.   To register for a workshop, or for more information, call (312) 744-2086 or email More information about BACP’s programs and events are at

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