TECH TIP: Got a New Computer? Get Laplink PCmover Professional for FREE

This $59.95 utility greatly simplifies making the move to a new PC. The catch? You’ll have to wait on a rebate. W eknw there is a hassle of moving all your stuff from the old system to the new one. Even for tech-savvy users, it’s a painstaking and often error-filled process. If only there was a utility that could handle the job, a software-based moving company for your programs, files, and settings.


There is. For a limited time, you can get Laplink PCmover Professional (Win) absolutely free after a mail-in rebate. It normally sells for $59.95, though your initial out-of-pocket expense is $39.99 if you purchase it direct from Laplink or $29.99 if you buy in-store at your local Best Buy.


True to its name, PCmover relocates all your stuff from one computer to another. (It can also handle in-line upgrades on the same computer, like if you’re installing Windows 8 on a system that’s currently running XP or Vista.) The promise: wizard-driven migration of programs, data, and settings — either all of them or just the items you choose.


Because this is the Pro version, it supports a few added perks like multiple drives, multiple user profiles, and the aforementioned in-line upgrades. However, take note that it’s good for only one transfer; once you’ve completed your move, the software is effectively rendered useless.


CNET hasn’t reviewed this version of PCmover, so I recommend checking out PC World’s review. The key takeaway: It works, though not for every program, and you may need to re-enter some serial numbers after it’s done.



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