Good Smartphone Deal: Walmart will credit you up to $300 for your old iPhone

Are you ready to get a new smartphone?  If so, check out this money saving deal  from Walmart.   Starting September 21, people who bring in their existing phone to a Walmart or Sam’s Club store can earn a credit of anywhere from $50 to $300. The trade-in price depends on the brand and its condition. As a few examples, a working iPhone 5 can score you $300, a Samsung Galaxy S3 $175, and a Galaxy S2 $52.    Coincidentally — or not — Walmart’s news comes just a few hours before Apple is expected to unveil one or more new iPhones.


Buyers must then apply the credit toward the purchase of a new smartphone. Customers can choose a phone with the standard two-year agreement or pick a model through Walmart’s prepaid contract-free Straight Talk plan.



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