Free Apps to View Microsoft Office Attachments – Plus More FREE Online Storage

Do you use Microsoft Office in your work? Wouldn’t it be great to see all of your smartphone email attachments using Microsoft Office? The FREE Quickoffice app lets you create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet. smartphonesStarting this week, Google is making Quickoffice for Android and iOS available for free, for everyone. With Quickoffice, you can edit Microsoft® Office documents across your devices, giving you the freedom to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using.  Plus, it’s integrated with Google Drive storage so you can safely access your files from anywhere.  While we’re on the topic of free stuff, if you sign in to your Google Account from the new Quickoffice app for Android or iOS by September 26, 2013, you’ll get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for two years, which will be added to your account in the next few weeks.Once you sign in with your Google Account, work can be saved in Google Drive, which gives you up to 15GB of free storage and lets you access your files from any mobile device or computer. Sign up here


Download Quickoffice for Android:
Download Quickoffice for iPhone and iPad:

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