Gamers: Bio-Shock Triple Pack Leads Deals of the Week – Just $19.99, save 75%

The Bioshock Triple Pack offers a triple Download this week for 75% off at $19.99!  These three games are amazing and worth way more than the normal price of $49. BioShock and BioShock 2 take place in Rapture: A city under the sea. BioShock Infinite, which is the newest game in the series, takes place in a citybioshock triple download deal in Columbia: A city in the sky.


In the original BioShock you play as a man named Jack in 1960. After your plane crashes in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you are the sole survivor. You swim to a lighthouse in hopes of finding rescue and while traveling in a bathysphere you come a cross the underwater city of Rapture. It was built in the 1940’s by a billionaire named Andrew Ryan who wanted to build a city free from the parasites of government and religion. He brought the most brilliant people who would live in the city and thrive.


September 19-25 is BioShock Week! Grab the Bioshock Triple Pack at $19.99 (75% off – you save $59.98), the Bioshock Dual Pack (1 and 2) for an incredibly LOW $4.99 (88% off – you save $34.99), or any of the individual games for 50% off. This weekend (September 20-23) you can also get the Metro Franchise Pack at $19.99 (67% off – save $50.97 if bought individually) and Company of Heroes 2 at $39.59 (34% off). The Bridge is also JUST $5.99 this week, and The Bridge creators The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild are featured this week in our Indie Spotlight.


Find all of this and more on our Deals of the Week Page

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