FREE LIST: Top 25+ Coolest Stores to Shop in Chicago Area – Fall 2013

It is the fall in Chicago and the leaves are turning, and we love to find out what the “top 20″ or “top 25″ shopping stores in Chicago are these days.  Luckily for us, Racked~Chicago has reviewed their quarterly Racked 38 list of the coolest stores to shop in Chicago.   They have  updated their list of quintessential Chicago stores for the fall quarter, suggesting new places for you to check out for excellent items.  ‎This fall’s guide is stronger and more stylish then ever with the addition of Space519, Lulu’s Vintage, Burberry, and Ruby Room. Disclaimer: As you know, it is mpossible to sum up every single Chicago store that rocks—that would be a list of more than 500+ stores (and a little tedious to read, right?) But, they strive to give a strong sampling of the best of the best, in a handy north-to-south 25 all time downloads



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