FREE eBook — Duck Dynasty: Faith and Togetherness

Any Duck Dynasty fans out there in Chicago?  RIght now, you can get a FREE download of the eBook Duck Dynasty: Faith and Togetherness by Linda McClintock. Duck Dynasty is simple, funny, light hearted and always enjoyable.  Why so many people keep watching Duck Dynasty is because of something unique in the contemporary smorgasbord of contemporary television – the actual presence of real values.   These people are salt of the earth folks who simply love each other and receive all of life as a gift.   They also love God in a naturally supernatural way which is communicated without the necessity of words.



There are real, human, redemptive values on display in each episode as the family faces the raising of children, remaining faithful to their marriages and supporting one another in the rough and tumble of real life.   In addition, in almost every episode, they end with the extended family sharing a meal which begins with a heartfelt and sincere prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.   In this day and age where ‘God’ is a bad word to say, they embrace their faith and share it with the world.  No wonder Duck Dynasty is one of the top shows on television today.    ebooks can be read on a Kindle device, computer, smartphone, tablet or anywhere with the Kindle Cloud (click here for more information). Prices change all the time on Amazon so PLEASE make sure this is still free before you checkout. Amazon often changes the prices on the ebooks. duck dynasty free ebook

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