Free Punk Rock Christmas Advent Calendar with 25 Free Punk Rock Christmas Songs

Severe and Co. are supplying you with a FREE Christmas Calendar that gives you a new punk rock Christmas song to listen to and download every day from now until December 25. In putting together The Punk Rock Advent Calendar, Jimmy & The Boys picked the ones that portray all sides of the season – from revelry to irreverence – from White Christmas to Mary’s Boy Child – with strictly for drinking songs like Senor Santa Claus and The Merry Christmas Polka for good large measures.  If you like surprises, you should simply listen to each song as each day arrives; if you’re the kind of kid who peeks under the wrapping on his present, or you’d simply like to download them all for a wicked Christmas party mix, you can do that as well.



So dar the downloads have been good, and a heck of a lotta fun.


You should simply go to the calendar’s link, and begin listening and downloading in whichever way you choose to.punk santa

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