FREE Jazz Download for the Winter time

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This album is a real winner. Anyone who has even the slightest fondness for jazz should pick it up. It’s got a wide variety of styles, and the selections are really good, not throwaways. To me, the standouts in this excellent mix were:


  • “Scrabble” by Lorraine Feather, a hilarious and Cole Porter-esque ditty about a nerdy boyfriend who’s infuriatingly unbeatable at Scrabble. “He knows a full array of U-less Q words — every time we play I pick up new words!”
  • “Guaji-Rita,” a slinky little Latin piano number by Hector Martignon.
  • “Elysian Fields,” a lovely, elegiac waves-of-synths song from venerable new-ager Deuter.
  • James Moody’s piece on this album is a real gem — his saxophone playing will be sorely missed — and this track is a fitting memorial.
  • Freddy Hubbard’s “The Intrepid Fox” is phenomenal and shows off both his technical proficiency and emotional expressiveness.
  • The remaining tracks are all good solid performances, ranging from bebop to latin jazz, with the last two baffling me as to why they were included.


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