How To Live-Stream The Super Bowl For Free on Your PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone

In the 2014 Super Bowl, we will see a great game between the Denver Broncos  and the Seattle Seahawks. This incredible football championship will kick-off Superbowl 48 at 6:30pm EDT this Sunday night.  Many people will not be near a TV or HDTV, but still want to take  in the action.  This year, there is no need to get a pirated stream of the game on your computer or tablet.  In past years, the NFL has restricted the computer/tablet/phone platforms the game will be on but this year, Fox Sports will be the primary live stream source of this year’s game through the Fox Sports Go app.

If you want to watch the game on a PC, Mac, tablet or a mobile phone , Here is what to do:  

  1. Go to Fox TV and download Fox’s free Super Bowl iPad app here.
  2. You’ll be able to watch the game on your computer at as well.
  3. Shifting to larger screens, Xbox One owners can use that console’s NFL app to watch the game on TV.
  4. Also, Verizon mobile and FIOS customers can subscribe to NFL Mobile to watch the gameThis app is available on iPhoneAndroidWindows and Blackberry. Unfortunately, you need to pay 5$ a month for a subscription.
  5. The NFL has restricted the ability for people to stream video from inside the stadium so it’ll be hard finding a bootleg copy. Plus, Fox is simulcasting the show for everyone in the U.S. and in Spain so it will be relatively easy for someone to watch both teams face off on Sunday.
  6. To see the rest of the apps available for the game, check out NFL Mobile.

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