Free Tech Tip: How To Find Out What Others are Really Doing On Their iPhone

Ever want to find out what someone else is doing on their iPhone? If I wanted to see what you’re actually using your iPhone for, there is a way. Of course, looking at someone else’s iPhone is a bit like reading someone else’s private diary. It’s morally and ethically wrong, and you’re guaranteed to see something you don’t like.

searching someones iPhone

So try this at your peril.


Assume you have a friend or significant other, and you’re suspicious that they’re doing something on their iPhone that they want to keep a secret. Is this person using Snapchat, but not sending snaps to you, for instance? Here is what you do.
First, you actually have to persuade the person to hand over the phone while it’s unlocked. You can do this by lying to them (hey, teach my how to play Threes!) or by challenging them head-on (again, if you’re this paranoid already, you should probably admit the relationship is over anyway).    The other person may hand over their phone in the knowledge that the crucial stuff on it is password-protected. That’s not what you’re going to look at. Instead, if you hit the home button twice, it brings up a list of all the apps running in the background. Most people use this list to close the apps by swiping them upward. (Some people think that closing apps saves battery life.)


But most people don’t know that those apps appear in the order they were last used. So if your significant other swears they weren’t using Snapchat, but the Snapchat app is the first one to appear in the list — then you know they’re lying.   Here’s how to find out……



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