Free Art Gallery Exhibition in Chicago on Sunday

Why not venture out Sunday and check out the FREE Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. The exhibition features works by three Chicago contemporary artists working in three different innovative media: two sculptors and one photographer, each developing their own and individual style. Artists Donna Hapac, Paul Clark and Bruce White are featured.


Inspired by plants, birds, and sea creatures, Donna Hapac builds sculptures from reed, waxed linen thread, and wood. Typically she makes an outer shell with a matching structure inside. The sculptures may lean, loop over, or seem to move as if blown by the wind. The artist installs her work where it can cast complex shadows.


Paul Clark takes pictures of Chicago’s urban fences and brick walls and presents them printed onto different materials. With two series showcased in this exhibit, he uses reinforced vinyl mesh printed with UV and water resistant inks or Polaroid photos attached to plywood.
Bruce White’s preferred materials are stainless steel and aluminum. He used a plasma arc cutter to make pattern-like openings in the pieces and finishes them with colored powder-coats. In addition to small and medium sculptures, he has done numerous large-scale exterior public works.Free; donations appreciated. Noon to 4 p.m. April 13; continues through June 8. 2320 W. Chicago Ave. 773-227-5522 or for schedule.

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