Free Angry Birds Star Wars II Android Game Download – TODAY!

Get the FREE Angry Birds Star Wars II Android Game Download TODAY (Limited time freebie) — This game is a great application for those who are Star Wars and/or Angry Birds fans. The colors and graphics looks great and the music is awesome. free star wars angry birdsThe game plays smoothly on my Kindle Fire without any crashing, and while it’s easy to learn to play, it still has plenty of tough challenges through out the levels. While playing the game, the higher you score the more things (including characters) you unlock along the way.


So while you’re playing different levels, you can switch out which Angry Birds you want to use for each move, letting you take advantage of each characters special Star Wars Angry Birds powers. Also the game gives you the option for joining the “Pork Side”, where you play as the evil pigs and try and hit the Angry Birds. Just like the birds, there are several types of evil pigs and each has their own special moves.



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