Free Blood Pressure Screening in Chicago Area

Need to get a free blood pressure screenings in the Chicago area?  Check out this freebie. Everyone has – and needs – blood pressure. Without it, blood can’t circulate through the body, and without circulating blood, organs don’t get the oxygen and nutrients they need to function. But high blood pressure (also called hypertension) may eventually cause heart to enlarge, which is a major factor in heart failure. It can also injure blood vessels in the heart, kidneys, the brain, and the eyes. Find out if your blood pressure is too high (or too low). The screening is free.

Free Blood Pressure Screening

Fri., Apr. 3, 8:30 a.m. – Ongoing | More dates

Highland Park Hospital
Highland Park Hospital

Free | 847-480-2727
Highland Park Hospital
777 Park Avenue West
Myra Rubenstein Weis Resource Center
Highland Park, IL (map)

Blood pressure and glucose screenings are offered in the hospital’s Myra Rubenstein Weis Health Resource Center. No appointment necessary.

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