FREE eBook: Killing Cows: Six Sacred Cows Keeping You From a Fully Satisfied Life

Get this free eBook.  In his first book, Killing Cows: Six Sacred Cows Keeping You From a Fully Satisfied Life pastor, speaker and serial entrepreneur Tony Ferraro explores the common obstacles that inhibit Christians on their spiritual journey. Ferraro offers humble and relatable confessions as well as in-depth analysis of biblical examples to help the reader aim their attention at such common “sacred cows” as judgment, past experiences, culture, fear, comforts and expectations. A sacred cow is often too highly regarded or accepted to be open to criticism. These “cows” stand in the way and we settle for less than our Designer’s plan. killing cows tony ferraroWe wander the desert instead of receiving God’s unimaginable blessings. “Killing Cows” guides the believer to identify the barriers standing in the way of God’s promises and then provides practical steps on how to eliminate these obstructions with practical exercises called “Target Practice.” Ferraro says, “Pursuing the heart of God is a lifelong expedition that requires great refinement and adjustment along the way. . . . The hope of this book is that you will remove the things in your life that are keeping you from your most satisfied life and be able to sincerely believe that God dreams of taking you to His Promised Land, into presence with Him.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Easy read, great material! April 22, 2015
“What an amazing gem! Ferraro addresses many of the Christian pitfalls that prevent us from living the life that God designed for us. A very easy and thought provoking read. I’m hopeful for a companion small group study guide”.    By chasity testa

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