Nest Wants to Give you a Free Thermostat — if you live in the Chicago Area

Residents of Chicago can currently get a free Nest thermostat thanks to the company’s new partnership with local energy providers.     “Anyone in Chicago can save $240 this week through sales and rebates. But it takes a few steps: buy the Nest Thermostat for $50 off at a local retailer (this sales goes through July 4)  or, go online to get the $100 rebate from ComEd in Illinois, then pick up a couple more rewards from our other partners”, the company claims.     There is a simpler method that requires no hoops to jump through. A Nest vending machine will be available on June 27 and 28 in two locations. Nest isn’t saying where these are, but claims customers will have to piece together the clues based on its Twitter feed beginning on the first day. If you find it then it will dispense the device for free.     Nest promises “If you’re not a Chicagoan — no worries. You can still get a great deal. Buy a Nest Thermostat by July 4 to get $50 off and then check, where one-third of US homes can get a rebate or reward.


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