HUGE Savings during Digital Day Sale on December 30th

Amazon is hoping to replicate the success for online-only sales of Prime Day. It’s launching a Digital Day sale on December 30th at 3AM Eastern that will offer discounts of up to 50 percent on apps, e-books, games, movies and music. The extent of the bargains isn’t clear, but it’s already teasing a few of the items on sale. You’ll get breaks on games like Destiny: Rise of Iron, Rocket League and Titanfall 2, multiple Amazon music and video titles, FREE comic books at Comixology, numerous productivity apps and some mobile titles.


The sale lasts for 24 hours, and it’s quite clearly US-centric given the emphasis on digital game codes and other products you can’t officially get in many countries. It’s logical for Amazon to test the waters this way, though. Many people who got gadgets over the holidays are looking for something to do with those gadgets, and a well-timed download sale might get them to splurge right away instead of waiting for price cuts sometime in the new year. Digital Day might well become a yearly affair if it proves to be even a minor hit.


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