FREE Family Fun at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Spooky Zoo Spectacular

The FREE Spooky Zoo 2017, on Saturday October 28, hosted by the Auxiliary Board of Lincoln Park Zoo, will give children the opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a free, safe, and family-friendly environment. This year’s celebration will mark the 31st anniversary of this beloved Halloween-themed celebration!  Get your kids dressed up like their favorite zoo animal for a Halloween-themed party at Lincoln Park Zoo.    The family friendly, totally-free 31st annual Spooky Zoo Spectacular lets little ones learn about the zoo’s animal residents, make crafts, collect treats and more.



  • Saturday, October 28, 2017
  • 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday at the Lincoln Park Zoo,
  • 2001 N. Clark St. Free
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Event Overview: Spooky Zoo Spectacular is a family friendly Chicago event that celebrates the animals of the zoo and the Halloween holiday!


What to Expect: There will be tons of family friendly activities with a Halloween twist!

  • Spooky Spectacular: In addition to all the things to do that are always at the Lincoln Park Zoo, there will be a Haunted House, arts and crafts, trick-or-treating, a costume parade and more!
  • Safe Holiday Atmosphere: The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the safest Halloween destinations in Chicago! You’ll feel better about taking your kids trick or treating in this environments and they love being around the animals more than they would spending Halloween in your own neighborhood!
  • Best Price: Admission to the Lincoln Park Zoo is always free and this event is no different!


Inside Knowledge: The Spooky Zoo Spectacular is put on by the Auxiliary Board and is the largest community-service events all year! More than 25,000 children and parents come every year!


Event Hints: 

  • Dress Up: Just like anywhere else, you want to dress up in order to get candy while you’re trick-or-treating! There’s also a costume contest for those who would like to compete!
  • Take Public Transportation: Parking at the Lincoln Park Zoo is free for the first 30 minutes, but after that there’s a charge. It’s $30 if you stay 5 hours or more, but there are plenty of Chicago buses (CTA buses 151 and 156 drop you off right in front of the zoo) so that you can avoid parking payments all together!

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